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68 hours in the dark

22 Mar

A few weeks ago we had a very large storm at our house.  According to some locals who have lived here their whole life, it was the most snow they have seen in 10 years.  Keep in mind, we live in California, at 3000 ft. elevation, so we aren’t talking about real large amounts of snow.  About 18 inches to be exact.  But, 18 inches is quite a lot when you aren’t accostmed to anything more than a few inches here and there.  That being said, this major storm brought with it more than just snow.  Wind and rain joined us for the party.  Thursday night around 7 the satellite t.v. went out because there was too much snow on the dish.  While this is an inconvienence, it isn’t insurmountable becuase we have  DVR with plenty of recorded shows ready and waiting.  Phil headed down to the the Colfax Firehouse to volunteer for what proved to be a very long night.  I snuggled up on the couch, with a fire, the DVR, and some yarn to make a new hat.  Phil made it back around 10 p.m.  He was there no more than 2 minutes when his pager went off again and he headed right back into the thick of it.  The call was for a tree into a powerline.  Little did I know that would be the start to our 68 hours in the dark.

We lost power at 11:02.  I was heading to bed anyways.  It was still heavily snowing.  

The next morning I woke up alone, still with no power.  Phil was still out working calls with the firehouse and our power was still out.  It wasn’t too big of a deal.  Phil came home tired and cold so and we spent most of the day relaxing by the fire.  We figured the power would be on again soon since the storm seemed to be letting up.

By Saturday  morning everything had changed.  We woke up to the following!

The inside of our house was 48 degrees!  At this point we knew we needed to do something.  So, we went up to my parents house, who live next door.  They have a generator and were happily flaunting their power, no pun intended.  They had electricity, hot water, tv, and even enough power to run their computer and the internet!  It was almost like Disneyland.  We basked in the warth and enjoyed some warm showers.

By now the weather had completely cleared up and it was actually starting to get warm outside.  Although this was a welcome change, we had to get busy relocating our refridgerator items before too much damage was done.

This became our makeshift refrigderator.  Since the front of the house doesn’t see much sun at all the ice chest worked perfectly.  We packed it with snow and it worked great.

Once the perishables were taken care of, it was time to have a little fun.

Snow baseball was fun, but Keegan didn’t last too long as it was approaching his naptime. Since he had no problem with the cold and took his nap as normal, I decided to have a little fun with the snow on the driveway. 

Snowboarding down the driveway was pretty inspiring.  Despite the fact we were really starting to get annoyed by the lack of power, we decided to have a positive attitude and get creative for dinner that night.  We used a lighter to light the burners on our stove and Phil made some tortellini soup.  While the soup was cooking we had Coke slushies! 

With all the snow around, it was a genius idea.

Once we got the soup going, we realized it needed something to ‘spice’ it up.  Just a bowl of soup sounded a little bland.  Plus, we were feeling inspired with our caffine infused coke slushies kicking in.  We had the great idea to try ‘parmesean crisps’.  Basically you melt a pile of parmesean into a thin, yet deliscous, little crisp. 

The crispy parmesean ‘crackers’ were the perfect addition.  They even tasted great all on their own.  After dinner we put Keegan to bed and had played a few games of Yatzee by candlelight.

We woke up Sunday morning to an even colder house.  47 degrees inside was more than we could handle.  At that point we evacuated and headed for warmer ground – church followed by “The Golden Arches”.  The power remained out the entire day!  We spent a lot of time with my parents, but brought Keegan home to now really cold house for his nap.  He didn’t seem to mind the cold and took his normal nap.  I needed to keep warm so sat by the fire and created these cute little booties for a friend who is having a baby girl this week.

Then I used the same pattern to make a pair for a little boy.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these,  but I really like how they turned out.

As the weekend grew to a close and the thought of returning to work on Monday morning with the power still being out was starting to become a reality.  Much to our delight, the power came back on at around 7 p.m.  It was invited in by whoops and hollers from us and the firing of a shotgun from one of our lovely neighbors (not my parents).  Despite the extreme inconvience and small loss of produce, all and all being without power for 68 hours wasn’t the worst thing ever.  It surely made us appreciate a hot shower and the ease of a microwave.  It also prompted us to get serious about purchasing a generator to be more prepared for the next power outage.   Maybe we will us the money we will recieve from PG&E as compensation for our inconvience.  Maybe not since it will only be &25.00.