Winter Wonderland

19 Feb

Living at 3000 ft. elevation in Northern California definitely has some advantages.  We have property, we don’t have neighbors right next door peering in on our every move, we have that small town feel, and best of all, occasionally, we get to wake up to mornings like this.

We only get snow a couple of times each year so it is pretty exciting to wake up and see the back deck looking as it did this morning.  Although we haven’t had much snow at our house, we are only 45 minutes away from the local ski resorts.  That being said, last weekend we took Keegan up to try out skiing for his first time.  We didn’t have many expectations seeing as he is barely 2 (25.5 months to be exact).  We stopped to get some boots for him before heading to the slopes.  He was NOT a fan of the boots!  He cried inconsolably as we buckled his feet into them.  We pressed on, determined to at least make it to the resort, but figuring we would set foot on the snow just to turn around and take our unhappy toddler back home and back into normal shoes.  Upon arriving at the ski resort, we were pleasantly surprised, the crying had given way to actual excitement.  The first thing Keegan said as the ski lift came into view was, “I want to play up there”.  Hope was renewed.

He changed from a crying toddler to an eager kid that really wanted to ski.  We took him up to the bunny hill to start.  We didn’t bring any ski equipment or clothing for ourselves as we figured our day at the slopes wouldn’t be a long one.

I snapped a few quick pictures of Keegan with the skis on, since I wasn’t sure how long he would tolerate them.  This one has my husband Phil and Keegan together.  Phil and I took turns riding up the ‘magic carpet’ with Keegan as he ‘skied’ down.  HE LOVED IT!  He did not cry once during the entire 2 hours of skiing.  He saved the crying for when we had to stop to eat some lunch and for when we told him it was time to leave.   

Here he is in action.  He wasn’t moving very fast, and the hill wasn’t that steep, but he is 2 and he was skiing and he loved it.  You have to keep things in perspective here.

All in all, the day was a complete success!  I can’t wait to take him back and actually ride the lift with him.  It will be a whole different ball game when he can pick up some real speed.  Phil is going to have to take one for the team and ski Keegan between his legs since I haven’t actually skied in years and I don’t know how it would work with me on a snowboard and Keegan on skis.  It will be an adventure for sure!

After the sun reappeared today, we went out and played in the 4 inches of wonderful white stuff that had accumulated on the deck.  This was the fruit of our labor.

Frosty is modeling one of my newest designs.  A wrap over style that has 3 vintage buttons on one side.

I think I got a little carried away, but I really like using Frosty as a model this afternoon.





2 Responses to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. Kelly Heizer February 19, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

    Love the blog!!!!!

  2. Windy March 12, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    My nephew is the coolest.

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